Magnetic Cable Organizer

Reduce the cable clutter at your work. The Magnetic Cable Organizers can improve productivity and ease stress.

Magnetic Cable Organizer

The fad of minimalism in design may stem from the recent documentary on Netflix, but there have been studies linking less clutter to less stress and better focus. The understated fact is we typically don't need many of the items in our house and reducing the clutter has its fair share of health benefits.

Nowadays, technology is an embedded into our everyday lifestyles. And since most of us constantly have our eyes glued to the screen, each house requires one of the simple necessities that causes clutter... Cords. They tangle. They bunch. And they get in the way. Back in the day, if you had any gaming console you'd know this frustration. But when you are working, your mind should be at ease and nothing else should occupy your focus. That is where the magnetic cable organizers come into play. If you work from home on occasion, your desk can remain neat to improve productivity.

These Lucky2Buy cable organizers are designed to blend into the nice furniture in your home. The wooden design camouflages easily to many wooden color desks. The strong magnets cling to the magnetic base and stay in place when not in use. Remove the cable from the base when you need to plug in your computer. Simply stated: it is a more efficient way to manage the cable clutter. The cable clips are compatible with most smartphone chargers; thicker cables (up to 6mm thick) fit with the larger clips in the bundle. Use is not limited to your home or office, placing these in your car can reduce frustration when you try to multitask while you drive (although it is not encouraged).

Deal no longer with the cord dangle and clutter, it won't resolve itself.

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