Multiple publications have reviewed and raved about the Zus Car Charger. This car charger is even an Amazon best seller. But what makes the Zus Car Charger different then any old car charger?

The Zus doesn’t just charge your phone, it can help you locate your car as well. The car locator is easy to set up, and even works if you don’t have cell reception. All you have to do is download the app on your phone  (Android/iOS), connect with the charger, then the Zus Car Charger will save your car’s location once the car is turned off. As a car charger, this nifty tool will allow you to charge devices twice as fast and sometimes even faster. If your one of those people that worries about your phone overheating, the Zus Car Charger also has a built in cooling system which will bring the heat down while charging your device.

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