August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

Automatically unlock your door when you arrive, and automatically lock the door when you leave. Keys not necessary.

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

We last reviewed the August Smart Lock after the original release of version one of the product in 2014. Since then August has added some new product offerings like the August Doorbell Cam Pro and the August Smart Keypad which is handy to have when your phone dies and you need to get into your home.

With generation three of the August Smart Lock Pro, my issue getting locked out of my home are solved. I no longer need to hide a key under a garden gnome as my backup plan. Existing features such as Auto-Lock automatically unlocks the door when you arrive and locks the door as you leave. Virtual keys can grant access to your friends on a temporary or permanent basis, and the app will monitor all door activity 24/7. This might be especially useful for landlords when they show their properties, or for Airbnb hosts allowing guests access to their rental.

The August Connect accessory adds DoorSense™ which can tell you if your door is closed and locked properly. I imagine DoorSense™ will come in handy when my wife asks me if I locked the front door before coming up to bed. She never believes me, so she always runs downstairs to double check. The August Connect also enhances your mobile capabilties with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant integration. For those tinkerers interested in smart home automation, you will be happy to know that August is Z-Wave Plus certified.

August locks and bundles are now on sale, with a discount of $20-$30 dollars depending on which lock you buy. The lock comes in two color options: a dark gray and silver.

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