Z Pillows

Z Pillows

The Z Pillow is offered in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, material, and scent. My current pillow of choice is currently the Zoned Dough. The Dough® memory foam is a premium designed memory foam for increased support and slower rising time than the average memory foam. Premium memory foam, combined with the unique Zoned Technology™ maximizes comfort and support with a unique "zoned" pattern. In the center of the memory foam pillow, large holes improve the airflow and provide the perfect cushion for your head. On the outside, and closer to your head as you lay on the pillow the holes are smaller to properly support your neck.

Before purchasing my Z Pillow I was sleeping on two down pillows, which were comfortable, but ended up being flattened part way through a night of sleep. After trying the Z Pillow I no longer needed a second pillow, and the newfound comfort and support offered was a significant upgrade.

What's most interesting about the Z Pillow is the variety of choices offered to the sleeper. Each pillow comes in different sizes (widths) and density. The density selection is really two-fold height (or "loft") and firmness. Plush and firm are the two firmness options.

Another interesting option on these pillows are the scents. You can optionally choose a pillow infused with scented oils. The current offerings are chamomille (yellow), lavender (purple), peppermint (green).

If the options mentioned above aren't enough, there are still more:

  • Bamboo charcoal pillow catering towards those of us with allergies or asthma. The material also supposedly absorbs moisture and prevents odors.
  • CarbonCool pillow featuring OmniPhase™ technology which is partially constructed with graphite and acts to keep your pillow cool while you sleep
  • A pillow with a shoulder "nook" for those of us who prefer to sleep on our side. You can see this pictured at the top of this post.

If you take a look at all of the options, it can be a bit overwhelming. Which is why I ended up ordering the simple Zoned Dough pillow to start. Some of us may prefer something a little fancier, whether that's the magically cooling CarbonCool® or the pillow for side sleepers, I'm sure you can find something that meets your specifications.

Sleep well.

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