Arcadia Power Free Clean Energy

Support the environment with Arcadia Powers renewable energy programs which help you save money and go green.

Arcadia Power Free Clean Energy

Since 2016, I've been using Arcadia Power to support clean energy projects and monitor my power usage. For no extra cost each month Arcadia Power allows you to sign up and link your utility account and to monitor your electricity usage, and purchase Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) on your behalf for 50% of your electricity usage. If you want to be extra green, you can pay $0.015 per kWh for 100% of your electricity usage to be used to buy RECs. This is referred to as their Wind Plan and is one of the main reasons I signed up, but their are a few other great features offered.

Visualize Your Energy Consumption

While Arcadia Monitors your utility usage, they also provide a beautiful energy dashboard allowing you to monitor your energy usage over time and compare to other Arcada Power users. While most utility companies also have historical records of your utility usage, I've found that most do not provide a nice chart to visualize your data. My utility provider only provides me with a tabular list of data, which is a little harder for me to visualize over time.


Just below the usage history chart, you can see your eco impact. Here is my information which has been captured over the last few years.


Energy Price Alerts

In addition to the power monitoring and REC purchases, Arcadia Power offers a few other nice features depending on your locale. One promising feature (currently unavailable in my area) is the Price Alerts feature. The Price Alerts program monitors the energy market to find you and other members in your area an exclusive lower energy rate. They use their buying power from 90,000+ members to secure exclusive discounts. When they find are able to provide a lower rate, they send you an email and lock you in at the lower price. There is about as low effort as it can be to save money on energy costs

Community Solar

Some of us may wish to go green with solar, but maybe we are renting or don't want to hassle with the high start-up costs of "going solar". With Community Solar you buy panels which are remotely located. You buy in $100 increments and are able to view real-time solar energy production of your panels. Each month, Arcadia will credit you based on the production of your solar panels. The Community Solar program is available to renters and home owners.

Home Efficiency

Arcadia also has a Home Efficiency program which sends you energy saving products like the Nest thermostat and LED lights with no steep initial cost. This allows you to pay for energy efficient home products at no upfront cost, and pay over time with the savings you earn. It's also worth mentioning that they have great tips and resources for helping you improve the energy efficiency of your home without the need to purchase new products.

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