Grow Duo Smart Planter

Grow Duo, an intelligent planter that monitors the saturation levels of the soil, makes buying a plant simple. It syncs with your smartphone, so no green thumb necessary.

Grow Duo Smart Planter

I'll admit, prior to this year I had zero exposure to growing a plant. Infrequently, I would have to water my mother's flowers or watch my brother pick some tomatoes from the garden. Horticulture was an enigma to me. After realizing the many benefits of owning a plant, I decided my lack of knowledge in horticulture needed to change. This year may have been my first unsupervised visit to a plant nursery, but it won't be my last.

At first, it was overwhelming. I quickly realized how little I knew. The soil type, how much water a plant needs, and when the planter needed to change were all things I was uncertain. I hesitantly went to the store to buy a plant, but I knew it had to be a low-maintenance crop, but something that also purified the air from my house. Once I arrived at the store, I was inundated with the fresh, clean scent. Wall to wall, the plants filled the room and the feeling of instant relaxation overcame me. My eyes were wide, but my mind was blank. Each plant looked the same. Anxiety took over my relaxed mindset upon my realization: I knew nothing.

That is when I stumbled on Grow Duo, an intelligent planter that monitors the saturation levels of the soil. It makes buying a plant simple. The steps are:

  1. Connect the Grow Duo smart planter to your mobile device
  2. Attach the planter to some water supply.
  3. Shop plants
  4. Fill with the recommended soil
  5. Plant the seeds
  6. Watch it grow

The app provides helpful instructions along the way. Unlike my first experience of buying a plant, you don't need to go unsupervised. Grow Duo will suggest the proper plants based on your location and the time of year. Instructions follow when you receive your plants. The PlantAI guides your way to growth.

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