My younger brother has recently become interested in wearing watches. I often deride him for wearing such a superfluous accessory, particularly due to the fact that everyone has cell phones these days, and those display the time as needed. That was until I found the Activité Pop by Withings. Although, I will probably still deride him for wearing an old fashioned watch, the Activité Pop (and the Activité, the Pop’s luxurious older brother) is a watch that has finally caught my eye. At only $150 dollars, this watch packs a few more features than your typical watch. While not a full blown smart watch per-se, it adds features of other fitness tracking wearables, while maintaining the appearance of an accessory only a gentleman of sophistication has a right to wear. What made me reconsider my opinion of watches was not the aesthetics of this device, but the features along with the insane battery life.

The Activité Pop packs the features you would expect from a premium fitness tracker, tracking your steps, swim strokes (it is even water resistant), as well as tracking your sleep, or waking you up with a silent alarm. What really made me double-take however, was the battery life. This device packs all of the features of a Fitbit or Jawbone, but has an 8 month battery life!

If you’re interested in the Pop, it is going to be released soon. Sign up a the link below to be notified.

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