The Fitbit Charge is the latest activity and sleep tracker from Fitbit. This one is the spiritual successor to the Fitbit Force, and brings new features and functions to the wearable device. Primarily, the Charge is meant to be used to track your activity, at the gym, outside, or around the office. With the built in sensors, you are able to track your daily steps, floors climbed, distance, and minutes you are active. After a day of working out, or just a day at the office, the device wirelessly syncs to your smartphone or computer. The Fitbit app is great across all platforms, but for additional functionality there are plenty of other apps that integrate with your Fitbit through the Fitbit API. Activity tracking isn’t the only thing this guy tracks for you, it will also track your sleep and at the end of a night of sleep, can wake you up silently with a subtle vibration. Naturally, this band also has some great smart watch features to stay competitive in the world of wearables, an OLED display provides notifications when your phone rings, telling you who is calling, which can be handy so you don’t have to pull your phone out of your pocket. If you’re interested in tracking your activity or sleep, check out the Fitbit Charge, it will help you push yourself to start or maintain an active lifestyle.

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