Bearbottom Drifter Shorts

The Drifter short by Bearbottom clothing is a well-constructed active-short. Keep cool and comfortable with these shorts for active wear or lounging around.

Bearbottom Drifter Shorts

A number of brands come to mind when thinking of those who give back to the community. While TOMS may have been one of the originators of this movement, a number of brands have followed suit. Some brands that come to mind are Bombas, Warby Parker, Cotopaxi, and now Bearbottom Clothing.

Perhaps lesser known at time of writing, Bearbottom Clothing is a growing company making shorts and active wear. The company was founded in 2014, and has been growing their product line, alongside a generous giving campaign. For every pair of shorts sold, Bearbottom will give a pair to the local community where they were made. To date they have donated tens of thousands of shorts to children in need.

We took their pair of 7" Drifter shorts for a spin, and wanted to share our findings. One thing that stood out for me immedately after putting on the Drifter shorts is the weight of the shorts. My Herefords have long been a staple short of mine, but putting on the Bearbottom shorts I immediately felt that they were a bit lighter weight, without feeling as if they were lacking in construction quality. To be sure I wasn't imagining things, I weighed them. The Bearbottom Drifter shorts were a full ounce lighter than my Birddogs. This may not seem like much, but it's a roughly ~10% difference in weight, which was absolutely noticeable during active wear.

The aesthetic similarities between Birddogs and the Bearbottom Drifter short are noticeable. The logo placement, two-tone design and colors, as well as the liner are all surprisingly similar product choices. Aside from that, there are some differences worth noting. In addition to the lighter feel, the Drifter shorts have larger side pockets, and a decidely less bulky feel. It was difficult to tell if the fabric bulk was avoided through a lighter-weight fabric, the use of the flat-lock seams, or both, but it was certainly a welcome improvement.

Overall the shorts left very little room for us to be critical, and we found ourselves looking to add some additional pairs to the wardrobe. Whether you're looking for shorts to lounge around the house, or get outside and explore, we highly recommend grabbing yourself a pair of Drifter Shorts from Bearbottom. They are priced at a reasonable $45/pair, and you will likely want to buy more than one! If for some reason 7" is too long for your liking, take a look at other active shorts by Bearbottom which come in a 5.5" length as well.

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P.S. Look out for an update to our Best Gym Shorts for men in 2019, as we look to update it with a few new brands (including Bearbottom Clothing).