My closet full of sweatshirts collected over the years doesn't cut it any longer, so I've been in the market for a nicer jacket — a jacket for the transition between summer and winter that fits my style. Some jackets seem overdone or are a hybrid between bomber jackets and quilted jackets. I just want something simple.

Running across some more common designer and dressier jackets, I was left dissatisfied with their look and non-water-resistant fabric. I wanted to take a more minimalistic approach, combine something with a classic look but still waterproof in case it rains, something versatile I can wear with Saturday loungewear or Monday business attire. Why purchase two jackets if I can get just one? The jacket has to satisfy the spectrum of the wardrobe.

That is where Quiksilver has the perfect solution. Whether you wake up early to walk your dog on a dewy day or walk your board towards crashing waves, this Quiksilver quilted jacket has a classic look with a water-repellent shell. The waterman collection was inspired by the ocean and committed to the quality.

Even though this jacket is ideal for the habitual surfer, it doesn't leave those hanging that are looking for a versatile jacket. The collared neck allows you to layer up underneath, and the button up look gives it a classier appeal. With all things considered, it even has a tailored-fit to make it all the worthwhile; so no baggy sleeves (a feature that tailored shirt even seem to lack). The jacket only comes in one color, a greyish-green. But despite the lack of selection, the jacket can be worn with any variation of blue jean or dress pants, and that is the biggest draw for me. The prices tag isn't too bad either, especially for a jacket.

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