Let me start this off by saying this may be one of my favorite board games of all time. It does not succumb to the most common pitfalls of board games. The game is simple, and easy to explain to new comers, and each game will end under 20 minutes! It’s a great party game for up to 8 players, with a bit of luck and an element of strategy. The game involves creating a “path” and trying to stay on the board while avoiding other players. Creating a path is done on your turn, by placing one of the various cards on the board. Each card has paths drawn on them, and when placed together with other cards on the board can form winding paths across the board, short paths off the board, or even take you directly into the path of another player (in which case, you both lose).

The game was developed by Calliope Games, and has already developed a follow-up addition (Tsuro of the Seas) with the help of Kickstarter. Give this board game a shot, we know you won’t regret it!

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