There was a time when men would commit themselves to looking dapper daily, from the parted and neatly groomed hair to the classic brogues that lay just beneath the edge of their cuffed pants. While today, some men put forth the effort, others have lost their sense of style and commitment to a more swanky appearance. For those men, all hope is not lost. Start yourself off with a nice shirt and work to become a classy gentlemen.

Suits, watches, and shoes. Yes, shoes. You cannot question one article of clothing on yourself. Remember: You look good, you feel good. Once you have the hang of it, you have to care for your new belongings, especially your shoes. So go back to an era, where men took the time to care for their things.

The shoe shine kit can make you the man men aspire to be. Not one inch of your manliness can go unkempt.

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