The most popular snowboarding company collaborated with Danner to create a compact comfort and sport into one. Danner is known for their classic sturdy boot, and they have decided to venture into the ungroomed snow. Burton, even though you already probably know the brand, provides top-notch alpine snowboarding gear. Both specialize is boots and is a brilliant blend of mountain heritage. While Danner specializes in comfort and durability outdoors, Burton's pushes new frontiers with their boarder-driven gear.

The look and style have the classic appeal of Danner boots, made from genuine leather. The company took the style of Danner Jag Hiking Shoes and stretched it into a snowboarding boot. Staying true to tradition on what is proven to work, the boots having standard lacing, so no difficult wires or handles.

Once you slide your foot in, there is an internal gusset protecting your feet and toes from getting wet. And the Aegis™ Antimicrobial coating will prevent a foul smell once your feet leave the boot (something your mom or girlfriend will appreciate).

As for comfort, you will find the gel burton uses for their high-end boots. It is built to withstand the bumps and bruises from moguls. The foil inside the boot keeps you warm in all conditions, reflecting heat back into the sole of the shoe. If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, this feature is key: the ESS Support Shank. The added support helps foot fatigue by reducing your arch from collapsing on the strenuous slopes.

Just like some of the best-built boots out there, this snowboard boot comes with a Vibram® Rubber outsole made from 30% recycled rubber. ANd, on top of reducing your footprint, Burton built the shoe so you don't drag your toe on the slopes.

Ride with style, warmth, and comfort. Don't let your boots slow you down.

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