Danner Jag Hiking Boot

Danner Jag Hiking Boot

It's difficult to find hiking shoes that you aren't anxious to take off as soon as you're off the trail. The Jag is an exception to the rule, these hiking boots are a perfect combination of durability and design. I almost hesitate to call these "boots" as they are more akin to a sneaker in terms of comfort.

Originally designed in the 80s, the Jag was retired a few years later. Now the Jag is back with a modern refresh of the vintage shoe. The shoes maintain a minimalist two-tone design. As of the writing of this post, you can get the classic design in 6 color variations. Personally, I prefer the gray/blue style.


When I first tried on the shoes, I was surprised at how lightweight they were. The shoes are similar in weight to my running shoes, although the construction of the shoe is drastically more durable. I've had my shoes for a little over a year now, and taken them upon many trails wet and dry, and they are still in excellent condition.

The mesh-looking material on the shoe is made of Danner Dry 100% waterproof membrane. On my last hike I had no idea that the shoes were waterproof, until I walked across a shallow creek bed and my feet emerged dry on the other side.

As a part of modernizing the shoe, a couple of changes were made to the vintage construction. In the mid sole the Jag now has an EVA midsole, which provides cushioning and shock absorption. The EVA midsole is part of the construction of the boot that keeps it lightweight, although it may potentially impact the longevity of the midsole. In addition, a removable Ortholite footbed is included for added comfort.

After my time on the trail with these shoes, I know they'll continue to be my default hiking boot for the foreseeable future.

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