The more popular BPA-free plastic water bottles are slowly dying out, and for good reason: the substitute may be just as hazardous. As many health-conscious are searching for the next canteen, alternative, plastic-free options are gaining traction. Glass and stainless steel are the two other popular picks. Despite the metallic taste of stainless steel, I opted for a Yeti Insulated Rambler Bottle. I am happy to report, after frequent use, the bottle no longer has the lingering tin taste. The trick is a simple soak in vinegar overnight removes the unwanted taste.

Yeti is known for keeping things cool for longer. It has been a brand focused on quality, and their durable products have to meet a high standard of keeping your beer cold while you camp. I've heard stories of the great white beast cooler keeping it cold enough to prevent the ice from melting after a weekend camping trip, and I expected no different from their insulated 36 ounce Yeti Rambler. The bottle has been known to handle a rapid or two, maybe even a car has tumbled over one (you don't want to see the car now). This canteen just really lasts. The construction of the rambler is not to question, as the 18/8 stainless steel build can handle its own. The bottle itself is just under 11 inches high and has a 3 3/4 inch diameter. Their TripleHaul cap is guaranteed leakproof, and the handle feature makes it easy to lug around the campsite. Lastly, the no sweat design inhibits the condensations from building up on the outside, so your fingers will not be cold, regardless of the contained liquid inside.

The yeti water bottle comes in three other sizes: 18-ounces, 26-ounces, and 64-ounces. The 26-ounce bottle is the newest option added to the collection and they have included color to their bottle inventory, so no more standard stainless grey.

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