Finally, a quality watch made in the United States of America. Restoring prestige to the ways of watchmaking in the US, the Weiss watch company hire only the best to handcraft their watches. Each watchmaker is Swiss trained and properly certified to build the very highest quality watch. This relatively new company that was established in 2013  is run by a Cali native, Cameron Weiss, who has gone through extensive training in the watchmaking industry.

But that is enough about the company, it is time to talk a little about this gorgeous watch. Its simple, yet effective, look will have you desiring one right away. Over 100 Swiss parts, hand painted dial, and all assembled in Los Angeles, California, what more can you ask for? It will leave a lasting impression on those you encounter throughout the day. If you have started collecting watches already, it is time to start.

This is the perfect start to your collection. It comes in a black or white dial… your choice.

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