The Leesa Mattress

The Leesa Mattress

Recently the web has seen lots of companies attempt to cut out the middle man and sell their wares direct to consumers. The mattress industry in one such industry in need of a disruption.  In the past, going to buy a mattress usually entailed the salesman-and-showroom scenario. A little while ago we discussed the mattress one such company that was doing something similar to disrupt the industry. Another one of these companies has been gaining a lot of media attention of late, this company is Leesa Sleep.  This company has been selling their 100% American made mattress direct to consumers on their website.

The reviews of this mattress from the various mattress snobs of the internet indicate this is a compelling option for anyone in the market for a new mattress. Mattress nerd has a well-done comparison of the Leesa Mattress vs. the Casper Mattress. He gives the edge to the Leesa, noting it’s layer of Aveena Foam, which is not used in the Casper. He goes on to say that while the Casper may be softer, the Leesa offers more countour for your body, and has more of a gradual feel. Sleepopolis offers a similar review, and also has a few other comparisons to other popular mattress brands.

After reading these reviews, my wife and I ordered the Leesa. Thus far, it has been a little over a week, and I would never buy another mattress.

If you’re interested in ordering the Leesa, don’t fret too much, they have a 100 day trial period. You can order your next mattress on, with our referral link below, get $125 off.

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