St. Johns Teahouse Treehouse

An elegant treehouse tucked in between the trees on the verdant island of St. Johns, the smallest US Virgin Island.

St. Johns Teahouse Treehouse

St. John is a convenient getaway for the US east-coasters.  This island is among the smallest of the US Virgin Islands and just far enough away from an airport to be uncrowded but still convenient.  I decided to make the trip with my significant other due to the heavy tree coverage (and great hikes).  From 1956 on, more than 50% of the island has been under the protection of Virgin Island National Park Service.  But whether you are an avid hiker or a lazy beach person, this is the idyllic island to be.

On the north side of the island, you have a handful of some of the best beaches around Trunk Bay (the most popular), Honeymoon Bay, Maho Bay (Sea Turtle hot-spot), Cinnamon Bay, and Hawksnest Bay.  That isn't even all of them.  Each of the aforementioned beaches is easy to get from Cruz Bay, the primary hub for transportation and the ferry.  This hub is about four miles away from where travelers typically fly in, St. Thomas Airport (STT).  From the airport, you will travel by bus (slightly under one hour) to get to Red Hook Ferry Terminal.  Finally, you take a 30-minute ferry ride to Cruz Bay on St. John - this location is also nicknamed Love City (hint hint).

For convenience to restaurants, taxis, and shops, Cruz Bay is the main town for easy access to these amenities.  But for a honeymooners paradise, you want to be taken to Corral Bay, just on the other side of the island.  The small island of St. John's is not a daunting one to traverse.  In under a 30-minute drive, you could just get about anywhere on the island.

So if you decide to stay in the Teahouse Treehouse (on the Corral bayside), you should plan for renting a car on St. Thomas (slightly cheaper) or a jeep on St. Johns (remember that on the island they drive on the left side of the road). Renting a car makes your life easier on the Corral Bayside. Though this gorgeous getaway may deter you from going far, it is only a quick trip to the best burgers on the island at Skinny Legs.  Nearby you will also find a few smaller markets and the only locally grown greens on the island - perfect to prepare healthy meals in this open-concept home.

Inside of the Teahouse Treehouse

Without further ado, I will mention some of the most recommended places on the island.  This includes the less traveled places, the best restaurant, and historic sites.  To start this off, let's talk a bit about food.  One of my favorite places to eat and on the cheaper side (for St. Johns at least) is The Longboard restaurant.  It is fairly new and a great place to get anything after 3 PM.  They serve the painkillers and drinks on the island but have some solid starters and appetizers for post-beach eating and drinking. I know I said cheap, but you still need to be aware of the cost of food at St. Johns.  A starter will cost you anywhere between $20 - $40 easily.  So eat out sparingly and go to the market when you can.

The best two places to hike on the island is the petroglyphs along the Reef Bay trail and the scenic Ram's Head Peak.  Both are most do's while you are out there. Especially from the Teahouse Treehouse, you are very close to Ram's Head.  Getting out there early to see the sunrise would be a great idea.  But this is one of the lesser known, lesser traveled hikes.  It is in the southern corner of the island and is tough to have a cabby take you out there from Cruz Bay.  

An easy taxi destination from any point is the start of Reef Bay trail.  It is located along the road in the middle of the island.  The trail is about 2 miles to the site and another mile to Rum factory ruins and a quiet beach.  It is typically windy on this side of the island so it is an ideal place to cool off in the ocean.

The last place to be mentioned is Morgan's Mango.  Being Kenny Chesney's favorite spot on the island, you are sure to have your best meal on the island.  You can find the country singer's petite plaque pinned to the side of the bar, close to the entrance.  The Caribbean fusion cuisine is bound to have you in a daze with amazing food, drinks, and, of course, dessert (key lime pie).

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