The Stay in Bellagio

This cozy room is ideal for the venture seekers trying to relax in a laid-back destination, mostly fit for couples trying to see the best of Italy. Outdoor activities are a must to experience the tourist attractions in the best way. This renovated ex-hotel room comes with all the essentials needed, a kitchen and bathroom. Needless to say, the view is the reason many travelers stay in Lake Como.

I mention further that it is fairly easy to access the ferry to visit other lakeside towns, but the station to take the ferry is right outside the front door. And the supermarket, if you decide to cook for yourself, is just a couple block away. The traditional European-style kitchen inside the apartment is fully functional. I'd advise experience the restaurants; after all, you are on vacation.

The layout of the place is similar to that of a studio apartment, just one room for the bed, kitchen, and the bathroom is separated. Once you step down the bed, you walk to few steps to the panoramic view of the lake. At this price and as much as this place has to offer, you can't beat it. My details of Lake Como and suggestions of tourist attractions and tips follow...

Lake Como

In northern Italy, touching the southern border of Switzerland lies Lake Como. This humid subtropical region is popular for its outdoor activities and historic villas around the lake. Lake Como is shaped like a "Y" and there are three prime locations in the middle of the lake that are easily accessible, along with a few other must-stops, not to forget the city of Como.

  • Bellagio: On the south shore, this is the location of the apartment. Bellagio is known to be luxurious, with many artisans and tourist shops. The Villa Melzi and its garden are not to be missed — this location gives you a great panoramic shot of the lake.
  • Varenna: To the east, Varenna resides. It is a small, shop-filled comune with the Castello di Vezio as one of the sights to see. Shops align the cobblestone walkways directly by the shore. Villa Carlotta is a quick walk if you are short on time.
  • Menaggio: The quietest of the three towns, Menaggio had my favorite restaurant of the trip, Osteria il Pozzo.
  • Como: The main tourist attraction is the Duomo, but be advised many of the shops are closed on Sunday. I like to stay away from the crowds so we only visited for half a day. The Cathedral of Como (Duomo) was easily the best part. A short trip up the mountain of Brunate is a remote lighthouse, Faro Voltiano. Take the funicular up to Brunate and travel just under a mile to arrive. The gives you a glance of the grand city of Como and far out to the neighboring lake in Switzerland.
  • Lenno: My favorite spot to visit during the trip. Small rocky beaches to relax, great restaurants, and peaceful. I didn't even mention the most famous villa right next to the town, Villa del Balbianello (a must visit).

Outdoor Activities: Kayaking is an appealing activity to traverse the lake in the glacier water. Tours can take you to the other two towns in the triangle (Bellagio being one of them), then Menaggio and/or Varenna. If you are in for challenge hike in the Italian Alps or sliding and jumping from rocks (canyoning), there are many outlets for doing so.

Public Transportation: Traverse the lake simply by taking the ferry. The public transportation is decent, although consistently late in the afternoon to evening hours. Trust me, twenty minutes late is on time for their schedule. Due to the sporadic arrival times of the public bus, a car would be recommended traveling each coast.

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