Old Tower - Hvar, Croatia

Old Tower - Hvar, Croatia

The island of Hvar is the jewel of Croatia's Dalmatian islands. Away from the smokestacks and the industrialized mainland, the land is comprised of a natural sanctuary. On the island, you will encounter vast fields of lavender, olive orchards, and vineyards. Situated in the Adriatic sea, Hvar has historically been a strategic military location. Evidence of the military significance is easy to spot, as the island is home to Tvrdalj Castle. The castle was constructed by the poet Petar Hektorović to protect the citizens of Hvar. Along the coast of Hvar, you can find beautiful secluded beaches and gorgeous views of the Mediterranean.

Only 5 minutes from the town center of Hvar, stands "Ruina di Molino a Vento", the ruins of an old windmill built by Franciscans in 1761.
The term "ruins" is a little misleading, however, as the interior has been rehabbed into a unique historic retreat. To this day, the tower is protected as a cultural monument. Since 1971 the Lorenzo Tudors family has owned the property, and now rent it out as a vacation home.


The unique structure has only one interior wall, which separates the bathroom from the living room. Other than the one solitary wall, rooms in the tower are divided by stairs, each floor serving a different purpose. Upon entering, you are greeted by the kitchen, interior dining area, and a staircase. The staircase spirals upwards along the exterior wall. The first stop, is the small bedroom, featuring a twin bed. Continuing upwards brings you to the living room complete with a TV (not that you'll need it), and interesting shelves built into the exterior stone wall. From the living room is another staircase taking you up to the bedroom loft, complete with a window providing a great morning view of the fortress of Hvar.


As a vacation destination situated in the Mediterranean Sea, Hvar is an ideal location known for beaches, gastronomy and its architecture. The island often ranks among the great island destinations in the world. If you have the opportunity to visit, make sure to visit the nearby Blue Caves.

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