Are you  sick of waiting for your warm beverage to be cold enough to drink? Well, two University of Florida students have come up with the solution – The SpinChill.  The SpinChill is a portable beer chiller that will chill a warm beer in about 60 seconds  The SpinChill can also be used to chill wine bottles. Here are the chill times for the SpinChill:

Beer and Soda Cans – 1 Minute
12 oz Beer Bottles – 3 Minutes
Wine Bottles – 5 Minutes

You may ask, “What about the inevitable explosion that will come from shaking up the beverage?” The inventors of the SpinChill thought of that as too, and their product is explosion free. As in it will not cause your beverage to blast in your face once you pop the tab.

The SpinChill is perfect for impatient people and could even replace the use of your cooler!  The SpinChill is a technological invention I can see even the most stubborn of person getting into. For only $30 your wait for cold beer could be over.

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