Origins of tea as a beverage are a bit of a mystery. While Chinese legends attribute the invention of drinking tea to a mythical ruler of ancient times, the earliest records of people drinking tea are not until a bit later in the 10th Century BC. Since the beginning, not much has changed in the preparation process. Preparing tea usually involves bringing a large container of water to a boil, even if you really only need one cup. That, is exactly where Miito is hoping to change things. The Miito is a new device that aims to cut down on excess water and energy usage for heating liquids, in an elegantly designed and surprisingly simple form. Another reason for the development of the Miito is because, as we all know, people are impatient, especially when it comes to tea. Miito’s metal rod is heated through the center of the distributing heat quickly and efficiently throughout the liquid in the container. If you are having company, you can also use Miito to heat up a larger vessel, such as a tea kettle or carafe. While this product is mostly targeting tea drinkers, they do not limit the usefulness of the device, which can also be used for coffee, soups, and sauces.

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