MeUndies are claimed to be the best undies in the world. The reason may be its unique fabric extracted from beachwood trees or the flat lock stitching technique to produce these undergarments. Whether you choose to wear boxers or briefs, well, that is up to you to decide (or let Kramer choose). Underwear is an important component to your wardrobe.

You even have the option to style a new pair of underwear every day for a year, if you can afford it, of course. Nonetheless, you can start yourself with one and work up from there. To provide a little more incentive, through the month of October, if you decide to purchase any pink pair of clothing on the site, MeUndies will donate another to a child whose mother has breast cancer and needs others support.

Even though they are known for their underwear, they also produce quality t-shirts, socks, and bottoms.

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