Mott & Bow Jeans

Mott  & Bow Jeans

Jeans are the most essential items in the wardrobe. And, if you are like me (indecisive when it comes to cloth shopping), it may be the most difficult articles of clothing to settle on. Mott & Bow have our back, the perfect jean for the non-conformists out there.  A pair of $200 jeans is simply ludicrous.  Three different styles, including skinny jeans, that fulfill the requirements for any preferred style.  The science behind the denim speaks volumes about the effort put forth in each pair; it creates a comfortable feel which says a lot for the wearability of the jean.

For a jean with this quality, you can’t beat the price.  The jeans come in three different styles, skinny jeans, slim jeans, and straight jeans.  Skinny jeans provide a tight fit with tapered leg openings.  The slim style is my preferred style, not too tight and not too loose.  Try it on for size.

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