Men simply don’t like to shop.  We dread the crowds, amount of effort, and the time it takes.  Trunk Club has made the process easier than ever.  It is simple, efficient, and save tons of time.

Whether you need more personal time, help with style, or just more clothes, the Trunk Club can take care of the exhausting shopping process.  To get started, you will answer a series of questions about your style choices and they will find the best personal stylist (an actual person) for you.  This stylist will fit the clothes for your style, size, and budget.  Once the Trunk has been filled, you preview and review online the selected clothes.  The clothes trunk is then shortly shipped in the trunk to the your address, ready to be tried on.  Upon arrival, you make the decision to ship back any items which do not fit your preferences.  Shipping is free to your house and sending anything you don’t like back.

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