Libratone Loop

Libratone Loop

The Libratone Loop is the new speaker system everyone should be talking about. While it’s not all too popular in the United States, the Libratone Loop is very popular in Europe. The style of these speakers is simple, small, elegant, and easily portable. So if you want to hang the Libratone Loop on your wall or set it down on your dresser it can easily be done! The covers for the speakers are made of Italian Wool, and can be easily replaced.

While it’s style is unbeatable lets look at some of the features that separate the Libratone Loop from other speakers.

The Libratone Loop has it own trademarked acoustic sound. The acoustic sound comes from the  tweeters and midrange drivers which disperse sound in different directions, reflecting it off the walls and providing a full 360° sound experience. The Libratone Loop also comes with AirPlay and DLNA support. This means that you can easily connect your Android or iOS device wirelessly to the Libratone Loop. You don’t need Wi-Fi access either to connect your iOS or Android device!

Once you order the Libratone Loop you get the Loop Speaker, wall mount and duo stand, manuals and a power cable. All that a single box!

The Verge, The Wall Street Journal, and Telegraph have already hyped up the Libratone Loop to be one of the best modern speaker systems in audio and style.

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