You can tell a lot about a man by the television he chooses for his living room and/or bachelor pad.  Let’s be honest, these days the first thing you notice whenever you walk into a room is the fabric of the couch, and the size of the television in the room. Usually, the bigger the TV, the larger the crew the dude hangs out with.  A man’s television has become a status symbol.  Similar to that of the automobile.

The LG Electronics 65EC9700 is the best TV on the planet. It may sound like hyperbole, but the LG Electronics 65EC9700 is the Bentley of TV’s.  The  LG Electronics 65EC9700 is a 65″ curved-screen OLED 4K Ultra High Definition TV, which looks as good turned off as it does turned on. Forbes even claims this innovation as, “…the most potentially exciting TV I’ve seen since the first flat panel TVs appeared 20 years ago.” On top of all this, the LG Electronics 65EC9700 is a Smart TV as well. The Smart TV implementation is so friendly my grandmother could figure it out.

Even after a year the LG Electronics 65EC9700 hasn’t been topped. While this TV s pricey, it is worth every penny.  For your man cave or living room, the LG Electronics 65EC9700 will make your room, the place to be.

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