I have found myself constantly on the move more than normal.  Trying to work 8 or more (most likely more) hours everyday, work out, cook dinner, and spend time with family and friends was near impossible, something had to give.  I’ve found that lugging around a change of clothes is the best way to optimize the time I spend.  This allows me to change into workout gear or a pair of clothes I haven’t been slaving away in all day.  The duffel bag I used started to tear at the seams.  It was time for a new bag.

The Hershel Novel Duffel Bag was that new bag.  It was about time for me to upgrade from my childish-looking duffel, and carry around something that exhibits style.  Not only does it go well with my dress attire, it can be dressed down when I leave to gym in my tattered clothing.  The shoe compartment is a notable feature that allows you to swap from work brogues to a pair of basketball shoes.  Another feature worth noting is the internal mesh pocket which provides a nice place for toiletries, dirty underwear, or sweaty socks.

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