More often than not, men purchase overpriced razors from a local toiletries store.  Some don’t realize there are other alternatives.  The leading competitors lure you in with their enticing marketing campaigns and ridiculous “razor technology”.  Once you obtain, for example, a free razor handle, you’re destined to purchase the relatively expensive razor blades.   What we don’t realize is, accounted in the price paid for these expensive razors are their free handouts and their alluring advertisements.

So if you don’t want to be nickel-and-dimed, Harry’s Razors provides a good shave at a fair price.  The reason their prices are so low – Harry’s is the only brand that creates the blades and delivers them straight to you.  This allows the blades to evolve over time, as the production of the blades become more efficient and the blades themselves become more effective.  Make your one bulk purchase and get all your shaving needs or subscribe to their delivery service.

Harry’s Razors also has a magazine called Five O’ Clock.

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