On November 15th, 2001, Halo – the orginal – was released. This game single-handedly brought the first Xbox in competition with the biggest consoles, PlayStation and Nintendo. Those that loved first-person shooters had to play this game endlessly in the basement of their parents house linked to one other Xbox, at a minimum. When halo 2 was released, there was less wires stringing from one console to the next, this is when online multiplayer became available. Halo 3 continued the tradition. It may be best known for it amazing online gameplay, but the story mode was still a must play. That is what made this game so great, a great story and everlasting enjoyment from online multiplayer. Now, it is arguably the best first-person shooter series to date. Bungie knew what they were doing when they created this magnificent video game.   It is almost 13 years later and 4 of the halo games are combined onto one disk, only playable on the Xbox One. Halo: The Mater Chief Collection is the new halo game which lets you relive the past and prepare for the future of Halo. The multiplayer beta for Halo 5 will be available, if you purchase this game, on December 29th!

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