Weekend Wishlist - Nov 12th

Weekend Wishlist - Nov 12th

Another weekend, another wishlist.  While ‘Netflix and Chill’ is peaking in popularity, we thought you might as well take advantage.  Samsung can provide the ultimate setup for watching movies, playing video games, and/or enjoying some football.   On Sunday, football is expect on every man’s TV or for those that are NFL fans, the more dedicated make it out to the games regardless of weather conditions.  If you are determined, some tailgating equipment is needed.  A portable grill is on this weekend’s list, perfect for the tailgating occasion.

No, No… that is not all.  Take a look at the rest of the wishlist below:

Samsung 4K TV

I think what I said before was enough.  The ultimate 4K TV setup for your home, prime for the ‘Netflix and Chill’ atmosphere.

halo 5

Halo 5 is out and the endless hours of online multiplayer commence.  Spend that time with friend or alone in your PJs.

portable grill

For the college football or NFL devote fan, some equipment for your tailgate.  This compact, portable grill will relieve you of the bulky grill hassle.  Throw on some brats and burgers and soak in the manly fumes.

Nike Shield Max

To run in the cold is hard enough, and at night is, without question, just ridiculous. If you insist on keeping a ‘chiseled bod’, be safe ’bout it.

map pint glass

A college town maps beer glass is clever, and if your university is popular enough to be on the list, consider yourself popular.  Treat yourself to some of Modal Man’s recommended beers.