During the days of the original Xbox and the Xbox 360, dedicated gamers found ways to mod their Xbox controllers to give them an advantage over other players. Some of these controllers had options like rapid fire, better joysticks, or maybe just a few extra buttons in more convenient locations. With these mods, good players good get an additional boost to their reflexes. While some players opted for the modded controllers for an advantage, other players developed a new way to hold a controller. Microsoft realized that gamers have long craved the ability to customize their controllers, and thus, the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller was born. This fancy new controller was built for competitive players, in collaboration with the pros. The controller comes with different joystick and d-pad options for personalized control and ergonomics. On the underside of the device, you can optionally add 4 additional buttons, in the form of “paddles”. These paddles are completely optional, and configurable via a controller configuration app for your Xbox One. Now you no longer have to inconveniently remove your finger from the joystick to perform a simple jump. The triggers on this controller have also been updated, with a toggle to enable a hair trigger lock. If you’re into competitive gaming, or maybe just want a leg up over your friends, this controller is worth the premium price tag.

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