Our bodies have had to adapt to the ubiquity of light. No longer is the setting of the sun the indicator your body needs to begin to prepare for sleep. Now our phones, television, and computer monitors emit a bright light which can confuse our body, and trick us into staying up late. This is why the sleep aid industry has become such a major cash cow, as sleep aid sales are up consistently year over year. Saffron has designed a high-efficiency LED bulb to help you get a much deserved good night’s rest. The bulb is designed to emit a warm glow, indistinguishable from your typical incandescent bulb. However, Saffron estimates this bulb will save around $10 per bulb, per year over an incandescent. What makes the drift light truly different from other LED bulbs on the market is the “drift” functionality. True to its namesake, the drift bulb has two special modes you can enable to assist you in getting better sleep. The first mode is activated with two successive flicks of your light switch, and will dim the light over 37 minutes, or the average duration of a sunset. After 37 minutes have passed, chances are, you will be fast asleep.

Improve your sleep now, and give this bulb a shot.

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