Cree has finally accomplished what many thought to be impossible. They have developed an LED lightbulb that looks just like an incandescent. No longer to you have to sacrifice the warm glow of an incandescent just to save a little bit of energy, now with CREE you can have both. This lightbulb is meant to replace your 60W bulbs around your house with a much more efficient bulb. While this has nearly the same luminosity as a 60W incandescent, it only consumes 9.5W. It’s also dimmable and produces relatively little heat!

While a bit expensive for a light bulb, CREE estimates the total energy costs of a single bulb at $1.14 per year (assuming an average usage of 3 hours per day). Using those numbers and a little arithmetic, we can estimate that this lightbulb will pay for itself in 2-3 years worth of energy savings over a typical 60W bulb.

They also have 6 packs available.

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