Cord-cutting (and likewise, cutting your cable bill) is something of a dream for many bill payers and media streamers alike. Services like Hulu, Netflix, and HBO Now should be credited with giving us the option to end the expensive relationship we have with our cable companies. The relationship has historically been one-sided, in favor of the cable companies. You get locked into a multi-year contract, paying exorbitant amounts, and paying for channels you never even watch. Google has released a device which takes a decisive step in the right direction. Google Chromecast  is a little HDMI dongle that plugs directly into the back of your HDTV. Once plugged in, you have the ability to “cast” media from your device or laptop to your TV, all in HD. Currently, the Chromecast supports a number of media services and apps, including the major players aforementioned. For a full list of supported apps take a look here. As soon as ESPN adds support for the streaming gadget here, cutting ties with my cable company will follow suit.

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