How does LG go about topping this. Well, LG irons it out and cranks up the resolution! The new LG Smart OLED 4K Ultra HD TV is the television you need in your living room; especially if you never got the hype for curved TV’s . With the flatter screen it looks nicer against the wall and there’s no distortion from the curve.

The biggest competitor to LG’s OLED TV’s is Sony and Samsung’s 4K UHD TV’s. But LG’s OLED TV’s beat these 4K UHD TV’s in every important category. OLED TV’s have better color rendition, resolution, black level/contrast, side angle viewing, and are tied when it comes to price. Why pick an inferior TV?

The LG Smart OLED 4K Ultra HD TV comes compatible with WebOS 2.0 Smart TV Features. The interface is simpler and includes all Smart TV options such as: Netflix, Amazon, Spotify, Youtube, iHeart Radio, and GoPro The GoPro app is only available with LG and allows users to stream GoPro videos on-demand. If your worried about the LG Smart OLED 4K Ultra HD TV’s sound system, don’t fret, Harman Kadron has that covered.

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