Cutting the cord to the common cable providers has never been so tempting.  The new Roku 4 streaming media player is now available.  For those dedicated to watch their favorite TV shows, the Roku box provides access to over 300,000 movies and TV episodes with more than 2,500 channels to choose. The new search feature also alleviates the urge to channel hop, finding the right show with a simple query has never been so easy.  The Roku player also adapts to your TV’s picture quality; so if you own a 4K Ultra High Definition TV, you are in luck.  And don’t worry it works for standard HD too.

While the Roku box has satisfied the various castes when it comes to TV resolution,  their generosity spreads to even the remote provided.  A headphone jack in the enhanced remote enables private listening and an voice search.  It is simple and works flawlessly. Another handy feature (for finding the TV troll that stole your remote) is the lost remote finder. Press the remote finder button on the Roku box to easily find the device in the cushy couch chasm (or where the creature resides).

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