If you use you bike at night, or all the time, this is perfect for you. The BlinkerGrips attach to your bike handles and  allow you to use indicators on you old-school transportation system. These bike grips integrated with LED lights on you handle allow you to indicate which way you turn on the street with out using the hand signals. Its ergonomic, adjustable grips optimize your comfort and ease the use of your thumbs while riding. Don’t worry about getting these stolen either, because they provide a lock-on system preventing them from falling off or being taken. Impact resistant, waterproof, and these handy grips can be used for up to 2500 turns! Installation process is easy and it is suitable for your standard bicycle handlebars. Purchase it and the 4 AAA batteries are included to power you through your biking adventures. Stop using the antiquated hand motions to indicate which way you’re turning and check out this cool bike attachment – the BlinkerGrips.

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