Wagner Custom Skis

Wagner Custom Skis

You can customize your ski boots, so why not your own skis?

In 2006 Pete Wagner, then a mechanical engineer, decided to start a custom ski shop. Instead of using pre-cast molds — like most boutique ski/snowboard makers — Wagner Custom Skis are built from scratch. Wagner Custom Skis are built client by client, a single pair at a time. These custom skis have been reviewed and praised by multiple publications including: The New York Times, Wired, Forbes and CNN.

In order to build these skis Wagner has you fill out a questionnaire to help identify your Skier DNA. The questionnaire ask questions such as; how aggressively you ski or rather or not you wear a backpack.  Behind this questionnaire is a process of 250,000 lines of code which help Wagner understand your Skier DNA, then a pair of skis is customized to your personal tendencies, habits, and particulars (types of terrain, ski levels, etc.) Of course then after the questionnaire, you get to design the skis with your own graphics, colors, and wood veneers. This all comes with a great warranty, if you don’t like the way your new skis perform, the company will either fix your pair or build you a new one.

No need to keep searching for the correct skis which complement your skiing style. Wagner Custom Skis is the only pair of skis you’ll need for this ski season and the next 20https://www.wagnerskis.com/getstarted/

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