Outside until the sunset, I would be shooting hoops. With the father next store neighbor, the competition was non-stop.  We would shoot countless free-throws, play around the world, and compete in 3 point contests. Everyday wasn’t the same though. On the days I would play by my lonesome, I wished there was someone counting my buckets. Back then, sports were simple.   Now, training for sports is demanding.  And with everything connecting over to smartphone you can only imagine sports will veer the same path.

Wilson engineered a smart basketball that tracks your shots.  The ball comes with four different modes – Free Throw, Free Range, Game Time, and Buzzer Beater –  allowing you to tailor the style of your game.  Don’t worry, the sensor won’t impair your performance, it is unnoticeable.  Compare stats with friends and take competition to another level with the Wilson X Connected Smart basketball .  NBA 5-time all star, Chauncy Billups, speaks highly of this basketball tech; alluding to the fact that this ball provides you the opportunity to work smarter.

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