Rain or shine, the dedicated never skip a beat with their morning workout routine.  But when it falls under the colder months, that commitment slowly dwindles. The warmth of your bed outweighs the determination to stay fit.  Some of us decide hibernation is the best (easiest) option,  others prove their perseverance.  The greatest athletes show the extra effort not make excuses.  The colder days do not have to stop one’s pursuit to stardom.

When staying warm seems improbable, Nike has your back.  The Nike Compression Pants insulate your extremities to relieve your cold day workout worries.  The running routine should no longer a struggle.  Nike has always stayed committed to their highly sought-after products, all you just have to prove your commitment to excel at the next stage.   Their brand has engineered some of the highest quality sports wear.  Don’t make excuses while the frigid reality waits outside.

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