If you haven’t caught on, my objective has been to reduce my electric bill to ZERO. After installing LED bulbs in the entire house, replaced my oil heat with a geothermal system (from Bosch), and installed a smart thermostat, I am well on my way. The next step for me is to reduce the vampire drain from all of my electronic devices. The Belkin Conserve Socket is the next step for me. Instead of leaving my phone and laptop chargers plugged in all the time, I will make a conscious effort to use these sockets wherever possible. With a simple flick of a switch I can charge my phone overnight, and not worry about continuous draw of power, even when my phone is fully charged. After purchasing these for my phone, I purchased a third for my laptop, so the charger will not consume the dreaded standby power. Go green and save green with me, and order yourself a few of these energy saving plugs for your sockets.

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