There are two primary issues with some of the pillows out there:  Your standard pillow lacks the all-night support you need and becomes deflated; the memory foam pillows suffers from the inability truly mold to your shape, and they’re very firm.   Considering these two downsides to a pillow, there is a solution.  A shredded memory foam pillow with a bamboo cover provides enough support and flexibility to mold to your body.

Coop Home Goods puts pride in making the best pillow there is to offer.   Its design is too keep you cool throughout the night, so you no longer have to flip your pillow constantly.  The bamboo cover is the ideal material  which is conducive to airflow so you won’t get overheated.  Everything is made in the United States and, even though it is the best pillow, there is a 5-year warranty if it isn’t your preferred comfort. .  So decide for yourself, is it the best pillow out there?

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