Astro Twist perfectly merges two household necessities, a light bulb and wireless speakers. That’s right with Astro Twist Light Bulbs you can play music anywhere there is a light bulb. If you got more then 1 Astro Twist light bulb, you can sync all light bulbs to the same sound/playlist.

The Astro Twist light bulb is a smart LED light which transitions throughout the day to mirror the sun’s patterns. So no harsh, burning lights when you wake up in the AM. These bulbs come with a 15-year lifespan and can be plugged in to any standard light fixture.

Techcrunch, GQ, and The Verge have raved about Astro Twist’s simplicity and crystal clear audio. So rather you got a small apartment and no where to put bulky old speakers, or just want an easy way to sing in the shower. Grab Astro Twist “Lossless Audio” light bulbs.

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