As humans, we sleep for nearly 1/3 of our lives. It then makes sense that so many are trying to optimize our sleep, to help us capitalize on every waking minute of our lives. The Withings Aura smart system is the perfect device to help you drift off to sleep, and wake up feeling well-rested to tackle your day.

To help facilitate better sleep, the system provides you with a bedside lamp, equipped with a hi-fi audio speaker to emanate any sound that will help you wake from your night of sleep. The lamp is a multi-colored led lamp, which gradually dims to help you fall asleep. In the morning, the lamp will produce a blue light, with low wavelengths to help your body generate its melatonin, to assist in the wake cycle.

The Aura comes with a smart sleep sensor to be tucked under your mattress to measure your heart rate, breathing patterns, and movement. The data collected will be sent to the Withings Health Mate app for your analysis. There you can view a graph of your various sleep cycles, as well as look at a number of other sleep quality metrics.

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