In May of 2014 Mish Way, the frontwomen of White Lung, fired a tweet at lazy music journlaists who kept on calling White Lung a “riot grrl” band. Just because you are a female in a punk band doesn’t mean you are a riot grrl. It is kinda sad that in 2014 we still label bands by the gender of their leader.

Setting all this labeling aside Mish Way, Anne-Marie Vassiliou, and Kenneth William with Deep Fantasy have created one of the better punk records of the past 5 years. It’s fast, it’s angry, and lyrically it’s entrenched with White Lung’s heavy feminist ethos; tackling touchy subjects like rape, sexual power play, and body dysmorphia. The riffs on this Deep Fantasy are incredible as White Lung fit metal riffs into templates of thrash punk and hardcore.  The album while 10 songs long, lasts around 22 minutes. White Lung – Deep Fantasy while short is emotionally draining, and don’t come in expecting any lovelorn ballads.

I understand how White Lung’s Deep Fantasy isn’t for everyone. Heck, I know I won’t be hearing this stuff on the radio anytime soon. If you’re like me and love female fronted punk rock, this album is perfect.