Chvrches, a synthpop (or electro-pop) Scottish band, took center stage in the music world back in 2013.  Their debut album The* Bones of What You Believe* became critically acclaimed ever since its release.  Other bands attempted to duplicate the unique sounds of Chvrches first album.  Most have been unable to add their own unique personal elements to the mix.  The Mother We Share is their most popular song from the debut album. After setting the stage high, it will be difficult to continue to produce such a unique and powerful sound.  Artist everywhere have been waiting for their follow up album.

Every Open Eye is Chvrches new album.   The Chvrches trio recorded and produced this album in the basement of their ‘flat’.  They refused co-writing offers and decided to make the album all in-house, taking a total of 5 months to create.  The three released singles of this new album (in chronological order) were Leave a Trace, Never Ending Circles, and *Clearest Blue.  *The album was methodically put together, including the expected rough instrumentals and Lauren Mayberry’s voice.  It continues to push the synthetic pop culture and bring a new light to pop music.  Athough it provides a refreshing sound to Chvrches repertoire, it may fall just short of some of their most iconic songs from the debut album.  Take a listen to the aforementioned singles and Afterglow, a slower song that almost didn’t make it on this album. While this album only contends with their previous, Every Open Eye is nothing to simply overlook.

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