Weekend Wishlist- October 30th

Weekend Wishlist- October 30th

It’s Halloween Weekend! Most of us have our costumes bought, our Saturday night plans set, and are anxiously waiting for the festivities.  So rather you are partying with friends, peddling sugary candy to kids, strolling along with your own offspring, or decide to celebrate Halloween within the confines of your home; you can use this holiday to treat the one person that truly matters, yourself.

hoddie 300

With the Flint & Tinder 10-Year Hoodie you’ll never have to buy another hoodie again. If it breaks or shows the smallest bit of wear, they’ll fix it.

devon 300

How much do you like Star Wars? How about $28,500 worth? This watch is Weekend Wishlist- October 30tsexy, and reflects iconic parts of the Tie Fighter and Darth Vader’s Armor.

upton belts 300

Upton Belt’s view the belt as a mere
accessory. With high-end, Italian-tanned, American leather belts, Upton is looking reinvent the belt as a stylish and necessary part of your wardrobe.

infocus-kangaroo 300

The Kangaroo Portable PC gives you a battery-powered Windows 10 desktop which is as small as a smartphone. Kangaroo allows you to use the same PC for all applications, no matter the environment.