Weekend Wishlist - Oct 23rd

Weekend Wishlist - Oct 23rd

This weekend you are either enjoying football, shopping for the cold weather or getting your Star Wars Costume. To relieve you of some unnecessary weekend stress, we did some work for you.  Last weekend the North Face jacket featured would go perfect with some of the cold outdoor accessories we have this weekend.

Burton Snowboard small

With cold weather comes snow, and with snow comes entertainment. Keep yourself amused this winter. Go snowboarding. Burton came out with a Custom 20th Anniversary snowboard.

J Crew Beanie Small

Straight from the cold weather to your doorstep, a Copenhagen outfitter modeled a hat perfect for the harsh Scandinavian climate.  This lambswool beanie can be worn with any outfit.

Eddie Bauer Socks small

One of the most essential items for cold weather is warm socks.  Eddie Bauer knows how to provide the comfortable sock for everyday use.  At this price, it is hard to pass up.

Star Wars Frames small

The full-length teaser of Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens  was release on Monday Night Football this past week.  For those avid fans of the beloved series, adorn your home with Star Wars Frames.

Cocktail Case small

Not a weekend goes by where you need to kick back and enjoy a some alcohol. Once you get a bit of courage juice in you, there is no telling where you may go. Carry the bar wherever you go with this Manhattan-styled Cocktail Case.