Soylent Drink

Soylent Drink

For the last six months, I've been drinking Soylent just about every day. Typically it ends up being the first thing I consume in the morning, I grab a bottle right before I rush out the door on my way into the office. I've tried to describe the taste of the original flavor to people, and the best explanation a friend came up with is that it tastes like "liquified Cheerios". While that may not sound appetizing, it is inoffensive and I've come to enjoy the taste. If you have a little more time in the morning, it works great in a fruit smoothie or mixed with other flavors.

Speaking of flavors, they currently offer two flavors in addition to the original. The other two flavors are Nectar and Cacao. Nectar is more of a fruity flavor and Cacao has more of the taste of chocolate milk. Both are good in their own way, but I will stick with the original for now.

As far as nutrition goes, the Soylent team has put a lot of thought about what goes into each bottle. A single bottle contains soy protein, sunflower oil, isomaltulose, and 20% of your daily vitamin and mineral needs. The sunflower oil provides monounsaturated fats, which is "good fat" for your body. The isomaltulose is derived from beets, which adds a hint of sweetness to the flavor with a slow and sustained release of energy. For more nutrition facts, you can see the full nutrition fact sheet on Soylent's website.

The founder of Soylent, Rob Rhinehart supposedly lived mostly off of Soylent for 3 months and raised money to start this company. I would not recommend attempting to live solely off Soylent, but people online appear to be trying.

Another interesting tidbit about Soylent is that they are pro GMO. In their explanation for GMO support, they cite a paper signed by 110 Nobel Laureates claiming that genetically modified foods are as safe as non-GMO foods. For a full explanation of their stance on GMO foods, you can read the post on Soylent's blog.

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